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Going back to lettering

Seperti yang ditulis semalam, bulan ni saya mencuba kembali menceburi bidang seni halus tangan. Melukis? Haaa tak laa... tangan dah terlalu keras.... 

Saya mulai kembali untuk buat hand lettering, harap-harap tangan ni jadi lembut lagi naaa....

Awal percubaan sangat keliru, sampaikan memegang pen dan pensil pun dah kekok...
Tapi tak buat tak tau weh....

"Better finished tho not perfect"
Ini adalah semboyan baru saya. Janji buat. Nak cantik kena latihan. 
Nah... ni lah hasil-hasil yang tak seberapa lagi....
PS.  Medium A4 paper, Pilot Parallel Pen, DIY Calligraphy Pen, Water based Ink, Artline Calligraphy Pen 4.0


Sibling lettering?

What the heck is that?

Hahahaha... this hashtag was made by my sister Winda who has started earlier than me into this lettering art.

From zero knowledge up until she is now taking comm job everywhere in Indonesia and also selling lettering art products and stuffs. Her range of achievement were from window lettering, wall lettering for cafes and hotels, wedding signages and her own product of framed lettering art, mug lettering and even shoes lettering.

Since she started earlier, of course she had quite variety of quotes to copy from (hihihihi).
So, being a lazy brother, I decided to start copying some of the quotes she made and made it into my own style.

What started as a lazy work, she found it quite fun to do when we display our works side by side, hence #siblinglettering comes to life.

So as I mentioned that I'm lazy, so til today I only can display to you 3 of the works that we have done.

So enjoy!!!

PS. Don't forget to visit her IG at @emakgaoel and ofcourse her…

Font 101

Hi guys....

Today I don't have any material to show be it lettering, design or photos.
It stil CHAOS in my studio...


I stumble upon something interesting about font and how people who used font choose ones.

Here's some of it...


01. What types of fonts are there?
Short answer: there are many, including some crazy ones that defy categorization. Serif, sans-serif, script and decorative, to name a few

02. Is it a font or a typeface?

The typeface is the design; the font is how that design is delivered.
typeface + style + size = font
A font is what you use; a typeface is what you see.

03. Why do font choices matter?

Font choices often set the tone for the whole design and can influence viewers’ feelings toward and interactions with your design — just like how if you were to show up at a black-tie party in your favorite threadbare t-shirt and sweatpants, people would judge you on your appearance. 

04. How to Choose a Font

Consider context and audience.

More than the mood or character of…